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Welcome to the StickMasters International home page, and thanks for your interest.  I designed the StickMasters program primarily to help school owners expand their present client base to add new clients who may not be interested in martial arts perse.  At the same time, the StickMasters program can be an awesome addition to your present syllabus.

Martial Arts are great, but our programs only attract a cetain segment of the population; hence school owners can rely only on a segment of the population that is interested in martial arts.  The StickMasters program is designed to break into a share of the market that attracts people who do not wish to train in martial arts, but who are are very much concerned about personal protection for themselves and their families.

Our program, and the Ugly Stick invented by StickMasters founder, GM Rudy W. Timmerman, is the ticket to reach that segment of the population.  The Ugly Sticks are a simple tool, and the smallest version fits in your pocket or purse.  It is an awesome little weapon to help keep you safe, and the other versions can expand on your expertise. 

To learn more about the program, or to become a certified StickMasters State Director, please contact GM Timmerman at kwanjang@sympatico.ca .

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